I have an unwavering commitment to, and genuine passion about, the use and protection of natural resources, including water and land use, primary production, tourism development, and extractive industries.

My knowledge and experience spans over 30 years legal, policy and governance in natural resources and resource management. I have a solid understanding of the business drivers around deriving value from, and being dependent on, natural resources. Through my consultative approach and sound strategic advice I assist my clients to maximise overall prosperity and wellbeing.

“My experience with business and industry over the years, alongside my wider connections and understanding of emerging trends, means that I can advise clients about approaching waves of regulation and policy and help them to choose an appropriate surfboard, rather than be swamped by those waves.”

Mark Christensen

Natural resources and sustainability law
Natural resources non-governmental organisation governance
International environmental law
Genetic resources/biotechnology law

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Maximising value from natural resources isn’t just about financial returns – a successful and sustainable business reflects their regard for both social capital (wellbeing) and natural capital. That’s why I’m also involved at a governance level in businesses reliant on natural capital and in conservation and environmental trusts and organisations. How we value, use and protect our natural resources – culturally, recreationally, spiritually and intrinsically, as well as economically – defines us and our place in the world in the twenty-first century.

I partner best with those who wish to maximise value from our natural resources in a way that recognises those resources must continue to provide value for future generations. I am able to add the most value working with businesses and organisations that are committed to being commercially, socially and environmentally responsible, even if they are not yet operating in that way.

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Having over 30 years’ experience as a resource management lawyer in national law firms I have experienced first-hand how growing demands of natural resources can bring about tensions – particularly as to how we value, manage and protect these resources. In New Zealand these tensions can be particularly acute because thirteen of our top 20 export commodities are directly derived from our natural resources and these commodities represent approximately 70% of our export earnings. I have often been at the intersect between cultural, recreational, spiritual, ethical, political and economic demands. In order to provide the essential leadership and support ensuring natural resources continue to give value for future generations I offer fresh, new approaches to natural resources thinking, advice and strategic awareness supported by over 30 years legal and governance experience.